Dayton Baha’i Center

The Dayton Baha’i Center puts on peace and justice workshops and musical events all year long and participates in Peace Day activities in September. As their philosophy illuminates: Humanity is one, and prejudices and patterns of life that block the expression of this fundamental truth are gradually falling away.

We see evidence of this transformation all around us – the breaking down of the old, and the building up of new ways of being and social structures that contribute to the advancement of all people. Working towards this vision will require profound personal and social transformation over many generations. Humanity is leaving behind its childhood and entering a period of collective maturity.


Ahimsa’s Army

Spawned out of the student action group at Wright State University, Ahimsa’s Army is a Nonviolent Action Pact dedicated to the open discussion of Nonviolence following the likes of Gandhi, Dr. King, and Tolstoy. The group staged a march from the Dayton International Peace Museum to Grace United Methodist Church where the World House Choir was performing for Peace Day.