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The Peace Dayton Collaborative Group is producing a multi-page “2018-19 Report to the Community” based on Regional progress toward the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

100 Local Organizations

This year, we will turn participation into positive action to ensure a better future for our children. We will also be contributing to the year 2030 Global Goal of a better future for our world. The U.N. 17 Sustainable Development Goals are shown in the graphic below. Each goal is important. Each organization in our Collaborative already has a particular focus and is working hard on one or more of the Goals. Combined — through unity — our group has huge peace-building potential.

How Transformation Dayton Works:

  1. Focus: Choose one of the 17 Sustainable Goals
  2. Engage: Develop an event/program of action for September
  3. Inspire: Tell the community your peace-building story

Biyearly until 2030, we will produce the results of our combined efforts in a Report to the Community. Your organization’s work is already powerful. Imagine the increased impact and outreach of this unified approach!


Plan a feast for peace with your family and friends. Be part of this global happening in 100 cities around the world! Sharing food together in celebration of friendship and common interest is a tradition as old as the human family. The Global Feast for Peace is part of the U.N. sponsored International Day of Peace, celebrated around the world on September 21st each year. Whether it’s a small family celebration or a large community gathering, the Feast for Peace is a simple and profound expression of peace that everyone, no matter how humble or blessed their circumstances, can connect with and enliven the global celebration. Feast for peace!

Who can participate?

• Families, neighborhoods, communities, and cities
• Organizations, including faith-based, interfaith and secular
• Businesses, both for-profit and not-for-profit
• Schools from nursery schools to higher education
• Anyone who wishes to express their wish for peace

What to do?

Join together during International Day of Peace or during Peace Week. The gathering can be a formal lunch or a group potluck where people bring a dish and share. Other events can be planned before, during, and/or after the Global Feast, including bell ringing, speakers, musical events, meditations and prayers, moments of silence and other activities that foster a culture of peace.

When to celebrate and plan?

Each year, there are thousands of International Day of Peace, and Peace Week celebrations around the world. Planning for the Global Feast should begin weeks or, better, several months ahead in order to involve as many people as possible.

Where to have the Feast?

The place for the Feast can be as small as a family dining room or as large as an amphitheater. One person can even Feast for Peace at home!

Why plan a Global Feast?

To come together as members of the human family; to honor those who have worked and who are working today for a more peaceful world; to encourage the next generation of peacebuilders. The Global Feast for Peace is a thanksgiving of the peace we have and to inspire actions to foster a culture of peace during the coming year.


The Dayton Peace Trail Project is a community initiative to document Dayton’s peace legacy throughout it’s history then create a Trail Map to identify the location of where items of interest are located. Other cities around the world, including Leeds and Bradford, England, have created Peace Trail Maps so that their citizens as well as visitors can celebrate and investigate their legacy of peace. Dayton is now creating a Peace Trail to do the same.

This effort is a community-wide collaboration sponsored by the Peace Dayton Collaborative Group. To become involved, send an email to: info@internationalcitiesofpeace.org.

Below: Mayor Whaley (then, a City Commissioner) announcing the Proclamation to establish Dayton as an official City of Peace.


The following speakers are available during Peace Month in September by appointment. The Speakers Bureau will be a continuing asset for the Dayton community as we strive to educate and communicate about community building initiatives. Peace building in Dayton is defined, for purposes of unity, as actions that have a positive impact on safety, prosperity and quality of life for all citizens in our community. To schedule, contact Dayton Speakers Bureau by email: info@internationalcitiesofpeace.org



Title of Session: September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
Speakers: John and Bev Titus
Description: Peaceful Tomorrows is an organization founded by family members of those killed on September 11th who have united to turn our grief into action for peace. The Titus’ lost a daughter in that tragedy and formed the Titus Memorial Peace Fund.
Audience: Young Adults, Adults

Title of Session: Practicing the Golden Rule
Speaker: Jim Hagan, Teen Summit
Description: Throughout centuries and all religious history, the Golden Rule has been a truth praised as a sure path to peace, but how do we learn and practice it?
Audience: all audiences

Title of Session: A New Way to Fight for Peace
Speaker: London Coe, Peace on Fifth
Description: At the moment you realize that you are the change you are waiting for, the fight grows from signs and marches to change YOU! Talk will include references to human trafficking and fair trade.
Audience: Ages 6+

Title of Session: The Dayton Literary Peace Prize
Speaker: Sharon Rab, founder of DLPP, or alternative
Description: The Dayton Literary Peace Prize is the first and only annual U.S. literary award recognizing the power of the written word to promote peace.
Audience: All audiences

Title of Session: Dayton’s Peace Ambassadors
Speaker: Marlon “Shack” Shackelford, Dayton Peace Ambassadors
Description: How young adults can be a positive force for making peace in Dayton and beyond.
Audience: Young adults

Title of Session: “The Body of War” movie
Speaker: Tom Bensman, educator
Description: The Body of War, produced by Daytonian Phil Donahue, is a transformational 2007 documentary portraying Iraq War veteran Tomas Young and the true cost of war.
Audience: young adults, adults

Title of Session: “Have You Ever Seen a Turtle With a Mustache?”
Speaker: Jerry Leggett, Executive Director, 21st Century Peace Literacy Foundation
Description: Creating a culture of peace, one breath at a time
Audience: All ages (families and adults)

Title of Session: An Economy of Compassion
Speaker: Jean Berry, Founder, The Compassionary
Description: Compassionary — an inner space, a state of mind, a volume of actions — building community through compassionate actions and interfaith cooperation.
Audience: Families

Title of Session: Dayton, City of Peace
Speaker: Fred Arment, director, International Cities of Peace
Description: Dayton has a legacy of peacebuilding and peacemakes and is leading the global effort to re-envision our communities as cities of peace.
Audience: Young adults, adults

Title of Session: The Dayton Peace Accords
Speaker: Matt Joseph, Dayton City Commissioner
Description: 2015 is the 20th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Accords, which ended the war in Bosnia and made Dayton globally known for “The Dayton Process” to end conflicts.
Audience: Young adults, adults

Title of Session: “Welcome Dayton” Update
Speaker: Melissa Bertolo, Welcome Dayton
Description: Welcome Dayton is a community initiative aimed at creating an immigrant friendly city. Come hear an update on Welcome Dayton since it was adopted in 2011.
Audience: Adults

Title of Session: Gandhi’s Nonviolence – Theory and Practice
Speaker: Jacob Bauer, Co-founder, Ahimsa’s Army (Wright State University’s Student Peace Club)
Description: Mahatma Gandhi’s views on the ethical virtue of nonviolence will be presented.
Audience: Young adult; Adults

Title of Session: Peace in the Home
Speaker: Rev. Dr. Crystal Walker, Greater Dayton Christian Connection
Description: There is an unquestioned norm that you should have peace in your home, domestic violence dispels this norm.
Audience: Young adults

Title of Session: On the Peace Corridor
Speaker: Jule Rastikis, Chair, Salem Avenue Peace Corridor
Description: Measures and efforts the Salem Avenue Community is taking to vitalize the Salem Avenue Peace Corridor and adjacent neighborhoods as communities of peace by cultivating safety, prosperity and quality of life.
Audience: Young Adults, Adults

Title of Session: Ex-Offender Reentry in the U.S., Ohio and Montgomery County
Speakers: Commissioner Debbie Lieberman and Judge Walter Rice (and a Returning Citizen)
Description: A presentation on the status of Ex-Offender Reentry in the community in regard to public safety and peaceful communities and neighborhoods.
Audience: All audiences

Title of Session: Warning signs of teenage bullying
Speaker: John Theobald, or alternative
Description: What to look for when teenage bullying becomes a problem from Dayton’s Center for Suicide Prevention.
Audience: All audiences

Title of Session: Dayton Regional Green Business Certification Program
Speaker: Lamees Mubaslat, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Architect, Sustainability Director
Description: The same business practices that improve social and environmental capital have been shown to improve long-term profitability. Learn how the Green Business Certification
Program provides an avenue to achieve mutual benefits in the natural world, the community, and the economy.
Audience: Adults, Businesses