What is Peace Dayton?

Welcome! The Peace Dayton Collaborative Group is an association of over 100 organizations throughout the Dayton Region. Individuals and organizational participants in the Group mount over 40 annual events during September designed to the needs of their specific members. Peace Dayton’s vision is to encourage and highlight each organization’s year-long efforts to build a more peaceful community for the Dayton Region’s children and families.

Peace is defined by the Group as the consensus values of increased safety, prosperity, and quality of life. All sectors of the Dayton community participate, including the arts and healthcare, governments and faith-based institutions, education and commerce, safety and security, sports and recreation, as ell as the service and environmental groups.

This website is the group’s home online. If you’ve never heard of a Feast for Peace, this is the place to get all the information you need to host one. This is also where you can make a tax deductible donation to fund events and projects that help us move toward our goal of building a more peaceful community. We hope you enjoy your visit to our website, and that we’ll see you at our events in the future.

The Peace Dayton Collaborative Group grew out of the Dayton-based International Cities of Peace organization, which has Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC, the U.N. council for global Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs). The video above shows many parallel city of peace initiatives, much like those in the Miami Valley, Ohio, where peace is a unity proposition and Peace Day provides a milestone each year for celebration and contemplation of actions for building greater peace.