A great opportunity for people and groups in the Miami Valley to connect with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. Ask how!

We look forward to September, 2018, when our entire community, once again, comes together in what has become a month-long reflection, education, and celebration around the International Day of Peace.

Celebrate the peace we have; Contemplate the work to be done!

Last year the official United Nations Peace Day theme was “Together: Respect, Safety, and Dignity for All”. Word has it around United Nations headquarters that Secretary-General Guterres will soon announce a theme based on the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, spearheaded by Eleanor Roosevelt and resolved by acclamation in 1948. Onward and upward!

Note: We are in the middle of updating our website for 2018. Most information is available but not complete and some images are being prepared. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you are in the Miami Valley in Ohio, U.S.A. and would like to participate, please email: info@internationalcitiesofpeace.org

2017 Highlights of Peace Day events around the globe: