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Welcome to the home of the PEACE DAYton Collaborative Group, an initiative of over 100 organizations that are contributing to a culture of peace in Dayton and the Miami Valley.

A great opportunity for people and groups in the Region to connect with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. Ask how!


The 2018 Peace Month in the Miami Valley was extremely successful with over 100 organizations participating, over 50 peace events held during the month of September, and increasing energy for peace throughout the Region. Thanks to all who participated. Thousands of people, including children who need positive messages in their lives, were impacted by these events and inspired to action.

Planning for Peace Month, 2020, will begin immediately. To become a part, send your comments, inquires and questions through our Contact page:


For those who can donate, we need your help! The Unity that is the power of Peace Dayton can heal our wounds, resolve our conflicts, and create a community of peace that is truly an inspiration to other parts of the world.

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Thanks to ALL!

NOTE: A full list of the 2018 events is still available on the Event Listing page:



The PEACE DAYton Annual Report for 2017/2018.  View online or download a pdf.

In 2017, the official United Nations Peace Day theme was “Together: Respect, Safety, and Dignity for All”. The 2018 theme for International Day of Peace was “The Right to Peace:  the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70”. The 2019 theme for International Day of Peace is “Climate Action for Peace”! Timely, or way timely.

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2018 Peace Day events around the world!

2017 Highlights of Global Peace Day events:

2016 Highlights of Peace Day events:

If you are in the Miami Valley in Ohio, U.S.A. and would like to participate, please email:


Celebrate the peace we have; Contemplate the work to be done!