What is Peace Dayton?

Welcome! The Peace Dayton Collaborative Group is an association of over 100 organizations throughout the Dayton Region. Each year, individuals and organizational participants in the Group mount over 40 annual events during September designed to the needs of their specific members. Peace Dayton’s vision is to encourage and highlight each organization’s year-long efforts to build a more peaceful community for the Dayton Region’s children and families.

Peace is defined by the Group as the consensus values of increased safety, prosperity, and quality of life. All sectors of the Dayton community participate, including the arts and healthcare, governments and faith-based institutions, education and commerce, safety and security, sports and recreation, as ell as the service and environmental groups.

This website is the group’s home online. Here, you can learn about members of the collaborative, or create a profile for yourself or your organization; find peace events happening near you, or announce your own; become part of local projects; see photos of events that others have held, or share photos of events that you have held!

If you’ve never heard of a feast for peace, this is the place to get all the information you need to host one. This is also where you can make a tax deductible donation to fund events and projects that help us move toward our goal of building a more peaceful community. We hope you enjoy your visit to our online community, and that we’ll see you at our events in the future.

Peace Dayton 2016 Celebration!

The Peace Dayton Collaborative Group has expanded to include over 100 organizations, many participating with Peace Month events that speak to their specific members and audiences. Highlights this year were the youth activities of the Dayton Job Corp, the planting of a peace tree by the Sisters of the Precious Blood, and the sprucing of Dayton’s oldest cemetery by the Montgomery County Commission. Fantastic outpouring of enthusiasm!

Peace Day 2015 Celebrations

In 2015, the United Nations announced that the year’s theme for the International Day of Peace would be “Partnerships for Peace – Dignity for All.” Our community heard the message, loud and clear! Every sector of Dayton and the Miami Valley came together for the local celebration, education, and reflection on the safety, prosperity and quality of life that are the consensus values of peace. 80 organizations, over 2,000 participants and the only “Honoring our Veterans” Peace Day event in the world. Congratulations to all involved!

The video above was created with still photos from these Peace Day 2015 events. If you would like to add this video to your YouTube playlist, or share it on social media, you can view it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBKhj8_RbNI&feature=youtu.be.

The World House Choir

The World House Choir is an inspiring group of people who have a passion for singing songs about peace and justice all around our community. The choir has performed as part of Peace Week every year since it’s forming, and their events have consistently been some of the strongest put on by Peace Dayton collaborative members. They are a well established presence in the Greater Dayton community, and have performed in larger community events, such as TEDxDayton. To learn more about the World House Choir, we highly suggest that you check out their introduction video (above), or visit their page on Facebook.

Performing “We Are Here” by Alicia Keys at the Antioch College Commencement in 2015


Performing “Glory” by Common and John Legend for the 2016 MLK Day celebration at Central Chapel AME in Yellow Springs, Ohio.